Posted on 27-Jan-2020

Elite Mobile Engine Carbon cleaning services Ecu Remapping Car diagnostics

Jaguar 2.7 twin-turbo diesel, Having an engine carbon clean, Dirty engine full of carbon (town car) 67 thousand miles on it. 58 plate This video the machine has run for about 10 minutes, the second video shows the difference after 25 minutes. The car had an EGR problem revving it, It sounds like a duck quacking (clack clack) after 50 minutes it has all cleared up. Sounding sweet. Once your EGR has a problem not only does the EGR valve become blocked up but the rest of the engine and exhaust system start to block up with carbon up. This will also stop a DPF regeneration and sometimes comes up with a false signal for the DPF. (DPF bank one signal. The engine then over fuels and uses much more fuel. Our mobile engine carbon cleaning services works wonder to restore performance and restore a smoother rev range. Reducing carbon emissions to also assist in passing an MOT
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